February 02, 2010

Air Force Village Chapel Competition

Big news today: We won the competition!!! Kyle called me this morning to say he had received an eMail from the Air Force Village notifying us that we placed FIRST in the student portion of the competition. We are extremely excited and, with the second place prize going to two of our classmates: Amy Leong and Natalie Shovlin, the Clemson University School of Architecture is boasting 1st and 2nd place!!!! Go Tigers!
I'm still not sure that we are allowed to post images of our entry, so I will get to that as soon as I find out that it is OK to do so. Keep checking back or just 'follow' the blog for updates. Also, I've noticed a gigantic increase in blog traffic since the results were posted on the competition website, so I apologize to anyone who showed up here trying to figure out who I am. I kept telling myself I was going to put up a portfolio of work on my actual website, but it looks like I dropped the ball. ha. Oh well, the dinky iWeb site will just have to do for now. My apologies, it looks like I spent too much time building websites for other people, and forgot to build one for myself.


  1. Whooo HOO!!!!!!

    I am the PROUDEST wife on the planet!!!
    Congratulations!!!!!!! You deserve it!!!

  2. Hey Congrats. Several Seniors at my school, Judson University, also entered. Make sure to post the project when you can!