December 28, 2009

Architecture Studio

I only have one semester left! Last semester, I completed my comprehensive studio (the hardest part) with an entry into the Air Force Village Chapel Design competition in San Antonio, TX. We were divided into partners for the project, and I worked with a friend from Indiana, Kyle Keaffaber. I will post images of our project as soon as I'm allowed. (The competition will not allow entries to be published until after the results are announced in January 2010).

Next semester, our studio will be doing independent, self-defined research projects. My project will focus on the importance/impact/history/future of the design of sacred spaces in Protestant America. More on that later....

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!


  1. Yeah !! I hope the blogs have been revived for the new year :) I'm still hoping for some additional recognition for the above mentioned competition -- the boards were awesome :) Love you and Happy New Year !!

  2. hey jonathan, i just found your blog, and was astounded at your sub-title, it is me exactly! (although i tend towards realism). anyways, cheers.