May 23, 2009

Bear with me...

    As many of you have probably already read from Lindsey's blog, the past two weeks have been crazy for us since returning from Italy. We have been back and forth from my parents and Lindsey's parent's house....all while taking trips to our new apartment moving things in. My dad has taken two evenings after work in which we loaded up his truck and trailer (to the gills) of stuff from their attic and from the storage unit that Lindsey's parents rent. We usually didn't get loaded and on the road until 8:30pm, or get to the apartment until 9:00, or unloaded until 11:00, or back before midnight. (With both of us having to work the next morning...whew) After those two loads, and with the one that Derrick helped me with yesterday, we finally have everything at least sitting in the floor in the living room. We really like our apartment and its location in Central....just minutes from Clemson's campus, downtown Pendleton, and downtown Central. I'll post more details once we have moved in...including pictures of the progress of unpacking.

     About this blog: Towards the end of the semester, we ran out of hard drive space on Lindsey's laptop, and my classes began to pick up with everything due all at once, so....all my pictures since spring break haven't been processed yet. I haven't even looked at them yet. Once I am able to unpack my computer in our new apartment, I can return to posting pictures on Facebook and blogging about the rest of the semester. After the semester abroad has been sufficiently documented, I plan to begin a series of posts based on various themes that will either keep you riveted to your computer screen....or.....bore you to tears. haha! We'll see.

     Oh yeah! By the way, I also have plans to finally develop my own personal portfolio website online. I have set up one of those standard "under construction" pages in the meantime...more on that later (click here for the link: Now that I own my own domain name, I have moved my blog over as a subdomain. You can still get to my blog by typing in the old address:, but it will redirect you to the new, official one:!

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  1. When are you going to update us all?!!?

    Anxiously awaiting a new post.......