July 11, 2009

I'm back in business!

Finally, finally, finally.....I have a computer again. I had already set up my desktop on one of our old kitchen carts in the "office" of our apartment. It was, however, almost impossible to do any work at it because there was no place for the mouse or my legs. The solution? Obvious....get a desk. The problem with this solution is that we haven't exactly had any money to spare this summer and all the desks (at least the ones that were large enough) I found were in the "few hundreds of dollars" range. Last week my mother informed me that her old office (they recently moved into a new building) would be auctioning off all the furniture left behind during the move. It would be a "silent auction" closed to the public: employees only. The actual bidding was held this Tuesday and she invited me to tag along to see if I could find anything useful.

Because the auction was closed to the public, only about 10 people showed up to bid on anything. With such little competition, it became apparent that almost everything could be "had" for very little money. I had a few items that I knew we needed for the apartment. I bid on several items and, in the end, won four of them for a total of about $25.

I needed a desk and won a very large one with plenty of storage for $10!!! The other items I got were: a metal 2-drawer file cabinet for $4, a black leather chair for $9, and a gray cushioned stool with rollers for $2!!!

(notice the filing cabinet)

(pretty good for $10)

(this thing has lots of storage)

(this chair is awesome, although I think I may change the frame...I don't like the wood color)

My parents got a good bit of stuff too and they let me load it all in my grandfather's truck (which they had borrowed for the evening) and I took it to our apartment, unloaded what I could, and they came over later that night to help me wrestle the desk up the steps.

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