April 24, 2009

It's crunch time.

I just took a 3 hour afternoon nap following an all morning-long presentation, which I stayed up all night long to finish. Three classes down, only studio to go. We have our final presentation on Tuesday....which means no weekend for me. I have decided to take tonight off to enjoy some part of my last weekend in Italy...and start back on the project tomorrow morning. After writing a ten page research paper on Italian Rationalist architecture, preparing a presentation for the professor, writing a 15 page paper of the urban analysis of 5 piazzas in Genoa, preparing a presentation for that professor, and completing a portfolio of all the semester sketches....I haven't had time to blog, as you can probably imagine. However, our studio maintains a class blog (of which Lindsey is the editor-in-chief) which has descriptions of all our trips thus far this semester. Each contribution is written by a different student and it is pretty interesting to read. (You can click on the name of the student in the column on the right side of the home page of the blog to jump directly to their particular entry)

So, until I get back to the States and can catch up on my travel blogging, check out our site:

We fly back on the 3rd and Lindsey and I are looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend!!!!

(a photo from the presentation of our first studio project last month)

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