January 14, 2009

Video Bloggin'

Yeah, that's right, we're going to be video blogging too!

    We headed down the mountain the other day to get cell phones (Clemson requires us to get a phone for safety reasons and such) in town. Verizon and AT&T don't exist over here, so we got a phone with one of the largest European cell-phone providers: Vodafone. Here's a video of the journey from the Villa to the store (remember, we have to walk back up all those stairs to get home).

(People in this video that blog: Jonathan Edens, Lindsey Edens, Derrick Simpson, Drew Cheatham


  1. We Love the Video Blogging! Post more...

    MOM and DAD

  2. Oh my goodness!! even though ALL of you could be professional photographers I LOVE this video thing much more!! That is so neat!!