January 29, 2009

Trying to keep up..

Today we had a studio review...so after returning from our weekend excursion to Torino to ski, I have been working non-stop on school stuff. On Tuesday, we went on our second day trip to Pavia and Vigevano (both are small towns in Italy). That took the entire day. Tomorrow morning at 6:30am, we are leaving for our first 10 day trip. We will be traveling to Florence, Sienna, and Rome. So...after our studio presentation, a viewing of this week's episode of Lost (from a classmate's iTunes on the projector screen here at the villa, since we have no TV), supper, and packing; I find myself sitting here at 2:30am trying to finish weeding through my pictures from our day trip this Tuesday in a desperate attempt to get them up on Facebook before we leave. (Knowing that, having visited Florence -The Uffizi- and Rome, I will have several hundreds -maybe more than a grand- of photos to sort out when I get back) With that said, I will provide you with a few links, and then you won't hear from me until we get back...

My Facebook albums from Torino and the second day trip:

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