December 02, 2008

Two weeks and counting...

For the next two weeks, I will be finishing up my first semester of grad school here in Charleston. Lindsey and I are moving back to the upstate on the 17th. Until then, if I don't answer my phone, facebook, or eMails, no offense, I am just really busy. We will be in the upstate for Christmas, spending time with friends and family before next semester rolls around.

Speaking of next semester, we are moving to Genoa, Italy on January 6th and, from there, Lindsey and I will both have a lot more time to blog about our experiences (in fact, this whole semester has really been a blogging practice run in preparation for next semester's blogging adventures). So, stay tuned for the European Chronicles!

Also, if you read my blog, and you don't comment on my posts, how will I know if you are reading? It's a lot more motivating to write and post pictures when you know that friends/family are actually reading this thing! so...comment, comment, comment!

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