September 13, 2008

Installing the Installation

This has been a crazy week. The installation had to be fabricated during the first half and installed during the second half. My group members and I spent countless hours heating plexi, shaping it, and clamping it to let it cool. We obsessed over connections, method of installation, and schedule. The image to the left is the final piece of our "aquaduct" which transports water (melted from ice in another art installation) across the ceiling and drips/drops it to a collection device two stories down.

As soon as I get pictures from the camera and grab some from my classmates, I will post a detailed explanation of the final product. Until then, here are a couple of shots of the installation process...

(The image below is of the 24ft walkboard we set up on scaffolding to span the two story gap in order to set up the aquaduct. I spent Wed-Sat up on that thing, coming down only to eat and sleep. You can see the first few spans of the auquaduct, on the left, already hanging from the ceiling.)

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